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Divorce & Family Law Mediator in Denton County, TX

Attorney Trained in Mediation, Negotiation, and Conflict Management

When push comes to shove, sometimes you need to take a step back, assess the situation, and find an alternative solution. When it comes to family law and divorce cases, this is especially true. Most divorcing couples prefer resolving the case amicably, however, the adversarial legal system can create a more difficult environment to resolve differences.

Denton County Divorce Attorney John Haugen of Haugen Law Firm, P.C. understands the importance of allowing disputes to be resolved without creating additional problems for a family after the divorce. This is not always possible, but it certainly is better for a family, especially the children, when it can be done. Mediation can provide an environment where compromises may be reached without leaving lasting scars that are difficult to overcome.

John Haugen has successfully completed the Negotiation Master Class at Harvard Law School, which is a program centered on negotiation tactics in civil settings and furthering the theories of conflict management. Completion of the course showcases his unrivaled ability to address problems from unique angles. Additionally, he has raised eight children and has represented hundreds of parents in family law cases.

Attorney Haugen also stands out from other legal practitioners:

  • Military background (West Point graduate and former Army Captain)
  • Selected as the Best in Flower Mound for 2016 (Star Localmedia readers' choice award)
  • Dedication to supporting military and community service members
  • 2013 Best of Denton (Denton Record-Chronicle Reader's Choice Award)
  • Experience representing hundreds of clients in and out of the court room.

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What Is Mediation?

So many family law disputes become needlessly complicated once the court system has to get involved. A skilled mediator – such as Attorney Haugen – can help steer both sides of a disagreement towards a resolution without spending thousands of dollars litigating the case through the court system. However, a mediator is not there to take sides or give directions; instead, they are the link between the two parties, allowing them to communicate with one another in a manner that hopefully yields greater understanding and a better resolution.

Advantages of mediation over traditional courtroom hearings include:

  • Less Time: If both parties can agree to take the mediation sessions seriously and honestly put in the effort to find middle ground, many disputes will take significantly less time than if litigation is required.
  • Money Saved: By circumventing the court through mediation, you can generally expect to pay much less.
  • Tensions Relieved: A matter taken to court can all too often feel like a stressful battle with all of that pomp and circumstance. If the parties work together to find a "win-win", normally, the parties and the children are much better off.

Skilled Family Law Mediator Helping the People of Texas

Do you think that your troubles could be resolved without any added stress? You need to consider how mediation can work for you. Let Denton County Divorce Attorney Haugen know what is going on during a case evaluation. He can also prepare your case for trial if you do not believe that mediation is the solution. Finding the right path all begins with contacting his team today.

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John Haugen brings a unique set of qualifications to the table as a graduate of West Point and a former U.S. Army Captain.

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