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Recent Victories

Recent Victories

Offering Proven Legal Counsel

Haugen Law Firm, P.C. has a history of excellent service and successful results. The firm practices regularly in courts throughout Denton County and can provide knowledgeable and strong representation for any family law matter or criminal defense charge. The firm is known for its individualized attention and compassionate service. Read through some of the firm's most prominent victories below to see exactly what the firm and its dedicated lawyers are able to accomplish. You can also complete the firm's case evaluation for a consultation with an attorney. Contact the firm today for the excellent advice and representation that you need.

Family Law Cases

Child Custody

John Haugen represented a young mother seeking modification of a 3 year old divorce decree that had awarded primary custody of her 2 young children to the father. This modification case went to trial where the trial court ordered that it was in the best interests of the children for the mother to be designated the parent that has the exclusive right to designate the primary residence of the children. The mother became the primary parent at the conclusion of the trial.

John Haugen represented a wife in an emergency hearing that resulted in the children being removed from the father's care and placed in mother's custody. Ultimately, the wife was granted primary on temporary orders being entered.

John Haugen represented a father in a case where the mother attempted to keep him from the kids due to alleged alcohol abuse. After Mr. Haugen worked on the case, the Temporary Order was entered in this matter with father being granted extensive overnight visitation with the children and no designation of primary parent.

John Haugen represented a client that had a history of alcohol abuse, but had found sobriety. The father had refused to allow the mother to see her 2 children for almost 2 years. Ultimately, the mother was awarded reasonable over-night visitation with the children.

John Haugen represented a mom that had her children removed after an emergency hearing. After extensive preparation and 9 days, the Court ordered at a Temporary Orders hearing that mom was to begin visitation with the children. 90 days later, mom was reappointed the primary parent for the children on final hearing.

Property Division

John Haugen represented a wife in a contested divorce where the husband claimed a majority of his assets were earned prior to marriage. After exhaustive discovery and arbitration, wife was awarded a large percentage of the assets that the husband claimed were separate property.

John Haugen was hired by the wife to take over a 2-year old case (from 2 previous lawyers who did not find the marital assets) where the father had a majority of the marital assets off-shore. After considerable discovery and deposition, Mr. Haugen was able to find the assets and ultimately persuaded the Court to award the wife considerable attorney fees because of husband's effort to derail the discovery process. The husband ultimately wrote a check to the wife for a high six figure amount.

John Haugen was hired by the father to take over a case from another attorney after he had been removed from the marital residence and had been ordered to pay all the community bills. After a new Temporary Orders hearing, Mr. Haugen was able to persuade the Court to require the parents to nest (each party will have possession of the children alternating weeks in the marital residence. The party not in possession was required to leave the marital residence during the week of the other parent's possession).


John Haugen represented a client (mom) desiring to move to another state. Although the father opposed the move, in mediation, the father ultimately agreed to allow it.

Criminal Defense Cases

John Haugen represented a DWI client at an ALR (administrative license revocation hearing), where he was able to persuade the Judge to find that the State did not have sufficient proof to suspend his client's driver's license.

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