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Juvenile Crimes

Denton County Juvenile Defense Attorney

Denton County Criminal Defense Lawyer

When a minor is charged with a crime, the criminal process is usually different than it is for adults. Minors are treated with some leniency; are detained in juvenile detention centers; and are imprisoned in juvenile correctional facilities so that they are not in the same facilities as convicted adults.

The penalties for minors are also different. Most juvenile offenders face a fine and may be sent home on probation instead of being sent to juvenile detention. Even though these penalties are less serious than the fines and imprisonment that adults face, a criminal conviction can still have a harsh impact on a minor.

How a Conviction Can Affect a Juvenile

Aside from the fines and time spent in juvenile detention (when applicable), minors can face harsh consequences with their friends and family. A child can lose the respect of their peers, as well as of their teachers and coaches, when they are convicted of a crime. Even if the minor is not convicted, they could lose their solid reputation simply by facing charges. They may also lose opportunities for the following:

  • receiving scholarships
  • attending school events
  • gaining admittance to colleges

Haugen Law Firm, P.C. can fight to have your child's charges dropped or reduced or get the case dismissed.

Retain a Denton County Criminal Defense Lawyer

The sooner you retain an attorney to fight your child's charges, the better. Haugen Law Firm, P.C. can prepare your child's defense thoroughly and keep you informed of what is being done to fight their charges. From property crimes to driving while intoxicated, the firm is more than capable of obtaining the best possible results for your child's case. Learn more today by taking part in a free case evaluation with a Denton County criminal defense attorney from Haugen Law Firm, P.C.

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