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Post-Divorce Modifications in Denton County, TX

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After a divorce, changes in circumstances may occur that require adjustments to a previous divorce order. An individual paying child support or alimony could lose their job, making it impossible for them to pay the same monthly support. In other cases, a custodial parent may need to relocate for a new job opportunity, impacting the visitation rights of another parent. If your circumstances have changed and you need to have a divorce order modified, contact a Denton County divorce attorney from Haugen Law Firm, P.C.

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Modification of Child Support, Alimony & Custody Orders

Support order modifications require you to file a motion in the court that originally rendered the order. You must demonstrate the need for change by providing proper material and substantial proof. These changes in circumstances must directly affect the factors that are used to determine the amount of alimony or child support.

Examples which may warrant a modification on behalf of one parent include:

  • Drug or alcohol problem
  • Change in residence
  • Physical injury, mental breakdown, or emotional distress
  • Permanent change in work schedule
  • New significant other who poses a threat to the child

For child custody and visitation cases, the party must provide evidence to show that the modification is necessary for the benefit of the child and/or due to a change in circumstance for the parent or guardian. These cases require experienced representation from a Denton County family law lawyer, which is why Haugen Law Firm, P.C. is the right choice in legal counsel.

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